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 Thanks to our generous Veterans Memorial Walk donors!
Ricky Hearn - Project Manager 
George W. and Babs Holtzman $50,000
George W. Holtzman $10,000
Georgia Dermatology and Skin Care Center/Dr. Michael Sharkey $10,000
Jeff Arnold $10,000
Gary Dodd $10,000
Hinesville Area Board of Realtors $10,000
Osteens $10,000 
Richard and Charlotte Webb  $10,000 
LTG Glen Webster $10,000
Mike Reed Cheverolet $10,000 
William P. Troutman (by Babs Holtzman) $10,000 
Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association $10,000
COL G. Larry Burch $5,000
McDonald's $5,000
Liberty Independent Troop $5,000
Ameris Bank $5,000
Yates-Astro Pest Control $5,000 
Hinesville Military Affairs Committee $22,100
City of Hinesville, GA
Hinesville Downtown Development Authority 
United EMS, LLC 
The Heritage Bank $2,000  
Kroger (thank you, current vets) $2,000 
William Shorthill $1,500 
                                                                        GeoVista Credit Union $1,250
                                                      The Glenn E. and Trudie P. Bryant Foundation $1,200
Jane and Gen. John Michael Murray $1,000 
Jeffery S. Ashmen Family $1,000 
3rd Infantry Division Sergeant Majors $1,000
David Anderson $1,000
Edgar M. Edwards $1,000
Charles Frasier Rentals $1,000
Mayor James and Claudia Thomas $1,000
Matt and Jennifer Cardella (in honor of grandfathers) $1,000
Jason Floyd $1,000
CM & SM Dillman Trust (Dillman/Sloan) $1,000
In memory of Allen "Jack" Keel by his five children $1,000
Brad Durham $1,000
The Stewart Family $1,000
Angela L. Anderson $1,000
Liberty Regional Medical Center Foundation $1,000 
Liberty Regional Medical Center $1,000
John Michael Murray $1000 
The Heritage Bank  $2,000
Happy Acres  $2,000
Aire Serv of Hinesville (in honor of the 24th Infantry Division)  $1,000 
Nikki Gaskin (in honor of Ralph H. Dixon, Sr.)  $1,000 
Holtzman Real Estate Services $1,000 
Great Southern Exterminating (in honor of Tom Jackson) $1,000 
Crtiz $1,000 
Marne Outpost Society of the 3rd ID Division  $1,000
Vaden Automotive Group  $1,000 
Coastal Courier $1,000
Carter Funeral Home, $1,000  
 Disabled American Veterans, Chapter #46 $1,000
Liberty Chrysler $1,000 
                                                                             Ralph H Dixon Sr $1000
                                                                             GeoVista Credit Union $1000
                                                                              John A Keel $1000                                                                                     
  Dees Electrical, Inc. $1,000
SGT Jimmy and Brigitte Shanken (four soldiers) $1,000
Spier & Gail Flanders $1,000
American Legion $600 
Cardiology Associates $500
Melinda Schneider (Maj PJ Schneider) $500
Paul Smith $500
Paul Smith (Kenneth Smith) $500
Paul Krebs (Alfred Krebs and Charles Krebs) $500
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Troutman brothers) $500
Bruce Muncher and Marion Carter (SSG Franklin Muncher) $500
Keanan Caudle (honoring four service members) $500
Wilton and Paulene Foster (Mr. Dana Foster) $500
Paul Andreshak $500
Paul W. Spence (honoring three brothers) $500
U.S. Real Estate Professionals (Aaron K. Duncan) $500
Jean and R. Perry Burch (Wayne Stewart) $500
Liberty Auction, Matt Mattingly $500 
Col. Peter Hoffman $500
 Greg and Susan Harris $500
   Miller Tree Service $500 
Joel and Janet Blanks (Blanks family)  $500
Raymond Stagmeier, Nancy Prendergast, John Stagmeier, George Stagmeier (Arthur P. Stagmeier) $500
Front Runnerz M/C Inc. $500
Hinesville Rotary Club (George Holtzman) $500
Steven & Joanna Ng (three Staecker servicemen) $500 
 Georgia Power $500
Robert and Luzie Wolford (Robert Wolford) $500
ERA Southeast Coastal Real Estate $500 
Melinda Schneider (William B. Whalley) $500 
Melinda Schneider (The Yellow Bow Lady) $500
Mayor and Mrs. Tom Ratcliffe $500
Ratcliffe & Smith, P.C. $500 
Paul Andershak $500 
ERA Southeast Coastal Real Estate $500 
Ret. Gregory S. Harris $500 
William Shorthill $500 
Aaron Duncan $500 
Faye Morris $500
Faye Morris $500
Angel R. Sanabria (family) $500 
Sandy and Bobby Mobley (Bobby Mobley) $375
Renee and Charles Brown $375
George E. Ginter (four Ginter servicemen) $375
Virginia Van Houten (MSG Merritt G. Van Houten) $375
Independent Telephone Pioneer Association (James E. McCartney) $375
 C. Patrick Bryant (Jesse Powell) $375
J. Repologle  and J. Buller  (CSM James E. Replogle) $375 
 Larry and Yong Morning (24th INF DIV - Desert Storm) $375
Panera Bread $375
 Wanda J. Martin (SSGT Gerald L. Martin) $375 
CH2M $375 
                                             Virginia VanHouten $375 
Greg and Nancy Prendergast (Edward G. Prendergast) $375 
 GeoVista Credit Union $375
Kelius Family (in memory of Steve Kincaid) $375 

 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Nu Rho Omega Chapter  $375
 Reality Executives  $250
 Mach 1 Body Shop (R. Cathy &  C. Goolsby)  $375
                                     Bobby L. Mobley $375 
                                               Fairfield Inn and Suites $375 
Valya Lee (William Souder) $250 
Ellie Delaney (Robert Delaney)  $250 
Vicki King (CW3 Nick Cedola)  $250 
Lillian Shurtleff (Charles Shurtleff) $375
                                                        Larry and Yong Morning $375 
                                                   Charles and Renee Brown $375
Sherri Brooks (Joseph Brooks) $375 
Debbie and William Hemingway $250
Michelle and Thomas Ricketson (Army veterans) $250
Karin and Moreland Miller (SFC Gerald E. Fox) $250
Col. and Mrs. Kirk Eggleston (Winn Army Community Hospital) $250
Col. and Mrs. Glenn Larry Burch (Mr. Michael Cicalese) $250
Col. and Mrs. Glenn Larry Burch (Glenn Webster) $250
Col. (retired) Harry Bryan Jr. (CW4 Harry Bryan) $250
CH2M (to honor our fallen) $250
Post 6602 Ludowici $250
Ken and Diann Dangelo $250
Jackie L. Shifflett (Guy A. Shifflett) $250
Mary V Warnell $250
CSMCR Tyrone Hughes and Stephanie Hughes $250
Wilton Foster $250
Hinesville Aluumnae Chapter $250
Phyllis P. Lloyd $250
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Augustin and Enid Fernandez) $250
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Greg, Isabel, Elisa and Ethan) $250
Jacqueline H. Wooten and Kathy Brock (SSG Robert Wooten) $250
Bomber Girls LRC $250
Meryl O'Neal (Ronald E. O'Neal) $250
Wreaths for Warriors Walk $250
Hinesville/Fort Stewart Shrine Club -- Alee Shriners $250
Patrick Parker (Jack M. Parker) $250
American Legion Post 68 $250
Hinesville Masons Lodge #271 $250
Bomber Girls LRC $250
Harry Rogers $250
Wilton Foster $250
Rosemarie Swindal (MSG Buell F. Swindal) $250
Coastal Empire Real Estate (Frederick and Bonnie Madden) $250
Grace Moran (Keith D. Moran) $250
America Legion Auxiliary, Post 168 $250
JK&T Tire and Automotive (Tony Sturla) $250
Larry Stokes and Marlena Napier $250
Mary Warnell (Charles F. Warnell, Sr.) $250
Linda Riggs (David Sapp) $250
Caroline Howell (SFC Wayne J. Howell, Jr. ) $250
Wayne J. Howell, Jr. (SFC Caroline Howell) $250
Debbie  Behnke (MSGT Hal G. Behnke) $250 
 Thrift Auto Repair (John Crosby Eldred Thrift) $250
Debbie Reynolds (CW3 Ralph W. Reynolds) $250
                                          American Legion Auxiliary $250 
Misty R. Schmitt (CSM Alvin J. Schmitt) $250
Louise A. Clark (in memory of SSG Paul Clark) $250
Maj (R) Luis and Birgit Carreras (CPL Christian L. Carreras) $250
Maj (R) Luis and Birgit Carreras (Those in service & families) $250
Women with Vision and Faith $250
Signe Anderson (Walter A. Anderson) $250
Fred A. Maiolie (SFC Ryan Hill) $250 
Meghan Boatright (J. Gail Colbert) $250
 Meghan Boatright (Robert W. Colbert) $250
                                             Terry Sherell Fortson $250
                                                   Carolyn Ryon $250
                                                Helen M Navarre $250
                                             Nellie Nelson $250
                                            Jackie L Shifflett $250 
                                               Reality Executives Liberty $250 
Undaunted Enterprises, LLC. $200
GSU/Hopkins (Russell Johnson) $180
Vaden Nissan (SFC John Avery Jones) $150
Rosemarie Swindal (SGM James E. Grayson) $150
Terry Shevell Fortson $150
Charles and Marlene Rogers $150
CW4 Ret. C R Rogers $150 
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Dr. Kyle Christian) $150 
George W. and Babs Holtzman (LTG William and Teresa Webster) $150 
George W.and Babs Holtzman (Buzz Cohen) $150
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Michael and LaVay Cicalese) $150 
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Joan Hollingsworth) $150
Brenda J. Shelton (Claudell DeWayne Bagby)  $150
Carol Lumpkin (Sgt. Johnny Lumpkin)  $150
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Roberts (MSG Aaron D. Dominick) $150
Ilona Roberts (SFC Anthony E. Roberts) $150
Anthony and Ilona Roberts (MSG Aaron Dominick) $150
Elaine P. Johnson (Edward Philip Johnson) $150
Auxiliary Post 66 (MOCA Pup Tent #66) $150
Mrs. Louise L. Duvernay and family (CW2 Louis L. Duvernay) $150
Betsy Fischer (Daniel Fischer) $150
Andrew and Phyllis Taylor (Richard Taylor) $150
Laverne Young and Marsha & David Cordry $150
Melissa and Ronald Ray (Nancy Rogers) $150
Melissa and Ronald Ray (Joan Hollingsworth) $150
Sandy Mobley (Lester Young) $150
Crystal and John Gaddy $150
Donicia Collins (Ron Collins) $150
Marcus  Sack $150
Susan Ammons $150
Ken Porter (Benjamin Porter) $150
Ken Porter (proudly served) $150
Gabriele Howard $150 
Scottish American Military Society (Hugh McKay, Post 7) $150
Adna Chaffee and Gabriele Chaffee (SGM Adna Chaffee) $150
Sherrie Struble (Jeffrey Struble) $150
Michael Steele $150 
Don and Pat Snelsire $150
Atlantic Area Casa, Inc. (I am for a child) $150
Barbara Martin (Brian K. Martin Jr.) $150
James and Bernice Hill $100
Marvin and Nani Miller $150
Coastal Empire Real Estate (Brian Madden) $150
Dewayne Stewart (SSG William E Stewart) $150
Frank Scozzafava $150
John and Chang Kunda $150
Scottish American Military Society $150
John and Doris Rogers (Pernell M. Rogers) $150
VIP Office Furniture and Supplies (Roger L. McElroy) $150 
Lycia & Lavaugh Drake (SFC Daryl W. Harriman)  $150
 Lycia Drake (SGM Lavaugh Drake) $150
 Stacy Florist (Herbert L. Stacy, Jr.) $150
Jerry L. Graves  $150
 Nancy Winchell (Richard K. Preston)  $150
 Jennifer Sack (Theoda Griffith)  $150
Matthew and Cathy Atkins (Thomas J. Atkins) $150
Matthew and Cathy Atkins (CPL Anthony Kreutz) $150
Cathy Atkins (Matthew Atkins) $150
George W.and Babs Holtzman (Wayne Spencer) $150
George W. and Babs Holtzman (LT Gerald Anderson) $150 
George W. and Babs Holtzman (Dave & Willie Steele) $150
Barbara Moody (Edmond Moody) $150
Marina Spelas (Ray Spelas) $150
Ann Grimaud (Robert Grimaud) $150
Ann Grimaud (John Grimaud) $150
Donna Groover (COL (R) Adin Richard Webb) $150 
Liberty Cycle (CSM Walter J. Jenkinson) $150
Robert Poole $150 
Stover Family: John, Katie, Lincoln & Nolan $150 
Crystal Caines (CSM James W. Candler) $150
Crystal Caines (ASM3 James G. Caines) $150
Mary Dorleus (Jean W. Dorleus) $150 
Michael E. St.Onge $150
Janelle Remillard (CPL Kevin L. Remillard) $150
Allen & Denise Bernard (Sgt Joseph B. Bernard) $150
Dupont Kirk Cheney and Dolores Carter Cheney $150
  385th  MP Battalion "To Dragoon" $150
CW4 (R) C.R. Rogers $150 
Seoul Restaurant $150
1SG Ken and Diana Molina $150
 Barbara A. Carter (Sgt David L. Carter Jr.) $150 
 Regina Bailey (CSM Lash L. Bailey) $150
  Nils and Yvette Gustavson $150
Rose Wells (Roscoe Wells) $150 
Elaine Johnson (SSG Thomas Eppley) $150
Bee's Creations, Inc. $150
 Beate Wickham (Karl Dopf) $150
 Elite Concrete $150
Joseph and Helen Caligiure $150
Jimmy and Ann Helms $150 
Christopher Peyton (SFC Klye A. Peyton) $150 
Patricia Hewitt (Brian J. Darby) $150 
The Glenn E. Bryant Pioneer Club $150 
ITPA Charitable Historica Foundation $125  
Laverne Young $150
Bobbie Miness Poole $150 
UNDER $100
Wavell snd Julia Stewart $100
Patricia Jackson $50 
Tron Jordeim $50 
Kim and Bubba Hunt (Russell Johnson) $50 
Darryl Hopkins $30